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    I'm on a 3GS / 3.1.2 JB/UL (pre iboot or the non-tethered JB iboot)

    symptom was that i couldn't get wifi working, done it a million times so i went to 'reset network' and ever since the phone goes into an infinite loop of restarts.

    in the morning the loops were about 15-20 secs, but now they are about 2-3 secs.

    phone is out of batteries, whenever i plug it in, the phone goes into the 'auto loop of death'

    searched for this online, but it seems the typical restart loop of death does NOT automatically restart, or did i read these posts wrong?

    1. can't get it into DFU - (auto restart loop is too short)
    2. tried iH8snow - no dice
    3. can't SSH... no time before the restart

    i figure my best bet is the genius bar, but before i do, any ideas?


    feel really stupid... i swear i was trying to do the DFU all day... and no dice...

    but out of the blue - DFU!!!

    i think the trick was that i kept both buttons down for like 2 minutes... (wasn't counting... though)
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    2010-01-15 11:50 PM
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    Did you get it? If not try iReb google search it and download it, it helps with errors on iTunes and I believe boot loops, but I never had to use it so I'm not exactly sure.
    2010-01-16 12:03 AM
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    Hard reset..? Restore is usualy the best bet to fix problems
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-01-16 12:08 AM
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    well technically i think i was able to get it into 'restore' mode...

    this is what happens..

    1. 'restore' screen (the one with the usb connector and the itunes icon)
    2. do the restore (both on mac and windows... itunes 9.0.2)
    3. it looks like its going to start (apple logo with the blank status bar - about to start moving)
    4. screen flashes
    5. itunes error 1611 (same on both mac/win)

    i'll try the ireb thing..

    no dice on ireb... i think the problem is i can't get it into DFU.... problem is that I can't get it to turn off.... whenever i hit the power button the thing restarts

    any ideas?
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    I just found this by google searching, maybe it will help.

    Setting the iPhone to recovery mode allows you to perform firmware restore using iTunes.

    1) Power off the iPhone by depressing both the sleep/wake button on the top of the iPhone and the home button. Wait for the iPhone screen to turn black aka screen-off.

    2) Depress the home button and connect the iPhone/iPod sync cable into the docking port on the bottom of the iPhone at the sametime without removing the home button.

    3) You should be able to see the Apple logo coming up on the iPhone and then the recovery screen with be shown after the Apple logo:

    4) iTunes will start and inform you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode and you should restore your iPhone to start using it.

    5) Perform your firmware restore.

    6) Run Quickpwn again and everything should go fine. If you’re using a mac, try plugging the phone in to a POWERED USB hub instead of directly into the computer’s port.

    7) Re-sync your phone to add back all your data and apps.

    ONCE AGAIN, I can’t guarantee this will work 100% of the time
    2010-01-16 01:29 AM
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    Brought it to the genius bar. Walked out with a new phone within 15 mins.
    2010-01-16 07:08 AM
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    Genius bar?
    2010-01-16 04:22 PM
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    Free Phone bar,,,, mmmmmmmm free phones!!!
    2010-01-16 04:28 PM
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    Well it's kind of was acting up
    all the time. The cool thing was that I think the phone I is NOT the new iboot.

    I think the way to test is a reboot after JB right? It does NOT require a tethered blackrain, so I think I lucked out.
    2010-01-16 05:33 PM