1. Cheezeburgar's Avatar
    My birthday is coming up and I'm planning to getting a 16 gig iphone. My questions are:

    1. Is their a size difference between the 8 gig and the 16 gig?
    2. If I buy a screen protector off ebay will it damage my screen in any away? I don't want to pay $15 for a piece of film strip at the apple store.
    3. What firmware does the iphone come in out of the box?
    4. What version of itunes do I need so I can be able to jailbreak it via ziphone?
    5. Which case/cover is better for the iphone silicon or hard case, like the agent 18 ones?
    2008-03-16 10:47 AM
  2. wythyntime's Avatar
    1. No, same size.
    2. Depends on what you buy.. Some protectors on eBay are plan crap.
    3. If your lucky, 1.1.3. If your not all that lucky, 1.1.4
    4. Verison of iTunes shouldn't matter.
    5. I like the hard case ones... but all up to you.
    2008-03-16 12:22 PM