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    I'm getting ready to get rid of my 2g iPhone and move to a newer model iPhone. I really don't want to deal with AT&T's shenanigans, so I looked on eBay, but $450 for a 3G or $600 for a 3GS is WAY too high IMO.

    So I was thinking, what if I get a 3GS iPhone from AT&T ($199), get the cheapest plan, wait out the 30 days, then cancel on day 31? I'd have to pay the $175 termination fee, but $375 is a much better price for a new iPhone than $600. Would this work so then I'm free to go to tmobile? What is the cheapest service plan? So what are we looking at for the grand total adding in 1-2 months of service?

    Would i then be free to move to t-mobile?
    2010-01-28 11:18 AM
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    i d just check craigslist or ebay. 2months on att will run you around 80 bucks so thats 160 for two months and 175 for termination plus taxes and fees plus whatever a new 3gs is going for. i dont get why youd want an iphone that could only work on edge if you go to tmobile kind of a waste of a super phone if you ask me
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    2010-01-28 04:12 PM
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    A lot of people have done what you are talking about when the 3GS was released. As long as you pay the termination fees then you are free to do what you want. Keep in mind however that any 3GS model you purchase now will have the newest bootrom hence giving you a tethered JB/Unlock.
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    2010-01-28 04:34 PM

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