1. Westside83uk's Avatar
    ****edit title should say IPHONE****

    Is it possible to buy a iphone from "overseas" to be unlocked over in uk and used on the orange network ( currently have a nokia n97. usless piece of ****!)

    any ideas ot reccomendations ?

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    2010-02-02 08:06 PM
  2. hightechtrekker's Avatar
    Sure. Why not?
    2010-02-02 10:11 PM
  3. Westside83uk's Avatar
    i dunno if they locked to regions or anythin like that ??
    2010-02-03 08:24 AM
  4. henners123's Avatar
    I got a brand new iphone 3g for 250 euros in Spain, and have a o2 UK SIM for when i visit my relatives, and a Spanish SIM for when im living out here. I'd get 02 not orange, they got a 15 a month pay and go SIM with unlimited internet and texts They also have better coverage.

    Obviously you would have to jailbreak it so you could put a UK SIM in and regions aren't locked
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    2010-02-03 10:09 AM
  5. Westside83uk's Avatar
    i already havea a contract phone on orange tho

    thats the problem
    2010-02-03 05:37 PM
  6. henners123's Avatar
    Yer thats fine, jailbreak with blackra1n then you can put any SIM in
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    2010-02-03 05:42 PM
  7. Westside83uk's Avatar
    ok so finally u know where the cheapest place is to pick one up ?
    2010-02-03 06:42 PM
  8. henners123's Avatar
    Probaly ebay.com or try the uk one, hope i've helped
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    2010-02-03 06:54 PM
  9. Westside83uk's Avatar
    im lookin at gettin one outside the uk
    2010-02-04 08:30 AM
  10. screamforme02's Avatar
    yeh cheapest place would be the internet some where, lol dosent orange give those things out for free, maybe that was some other Europe carrier. They cost the same every where you go. im pretty sure any iphone in europe is unlocked just because the EU says so
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    2010-02-04 09:53 PM
  11. Westside83uk's Avatar
    looking at getting one on ebay now

    orange want about 450 for 16gb 3gs and 550 for 32gb
    2010-02-07 03:59 PM
  12. henners123's Avatar
    450 for a 3gs isnt bad
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    2010-02-07 04:07 PM
  13. Westside83uk's Avatar
    do i go for 16gb or 32gb

    alrady got 32gb ipod touch

    why is this such a hard thing to do hahaa
    2010-02-07 04:40 PM
  14. henners123's Avatar
    do i go for 16gb or 32gb

    alrady got 32gb ipod touch
    Go for the 32gb
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    2010-02-07 05:15 PM
  15. Westside83uk's Avatar
    find me a cheap one hahaha
    2010-02-07 05:25 PM
  16. henners123's Avatar
    find me a cheap one hahaha
    if there were any cheap 3gs's going around i'd have one lol
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    2010-02-07 05:29 PM