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    I have been searching for weeks...does anyone know of an app that has integrated SMS and MMS that either sends them for free OR you pay X amount of dollars for each year or life time use. I would love bitesms or irealsms but I don't want to hastle with the credits. Textfree and Textplus are superb but they do not support MMS of any sort.

    iTim is the best that i have found must crop any picture you use and it makes them out of mms is useless on that.

    I would even put up with paying monthly if it was reasonable. I am running a iPhone 3GS with jailbroken firmware 3.1.2

    Any info / advice is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. The app must work with non smart phones...because everyone I know have ignorant phones...thus all the great apps for iphone to blackberrys etc will not work.

    Thank You.
    2010-02-18 04:17 AM
  2. monk7's Avatar
    I'm looking for the same thing!!!
    2010-02-18 06:05 AM
  3. Scoops98's Avatar
    I use TextNow for SMS. No MMS though...
    Until the next time… And if I help you out, give me a "Thanks!" Thanks!
    2010-02-19 02:26 AM

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