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    Hello guys this is victis or cu-pwnd your hacker friend in the digital era of Kaos!!!! This tutorial is for those of you have not figured this out yet.... I assume im not the only one to figure this out.... This is only half the tutorial I will post the other half when I figure out how to do it lol.....

    Well this tutorial is for those of you who have been wondering how to do a SSH connection btw you can do TELNET too but I dont recommend it!!! unless you want your passwords being published over the whole 3g network and a packet sniffer using wireshark such as myself to hack into your PC lol....

    So you might be wondering what is the big deal, ssh from your iphone to your home PC over the 3g network??? you say, so what you say? For me this is a big deal because now if I get access to lets say someones router home page and i setup port forwarding I can not ssh into their PC and do attacks from anywhere in the united states or world if i own various sim cards from other carriers which lol I actually own accounts in the UK with Cable & Wireless also hahaha...

    Ok to the point.... this is fairly easy...

    All you need to do is access your router, and enable port forwarding for the ports 22, 23 (i recommend using different ports for security reasons) and VNC 5900,

    Activate these ports for you computers internal IP should be something like 192.168. bla.bla ... Now enable and open these ports on your PC .... you should know how lol I dont wanna go into details.... If you are using Linux go into you ETC folder look for init.d

    so in this case you would run something like : /etc/init.d/******* start

    I cant give you the command because it might depend on what you have on your Linux box and I have custom scripts

    Anyways once you have the SSH, TELnet, or VNC server up you should be able to access your pc as long as you know the IP... Now I have a trick to this.............

    If you download and install noip form No-IP - Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP you wont need to remember your IP and if you have DHCP enabled your IP will change and its a pain so with noip installed on your PC it will automaticlly update and all you will need to do is ssh to your domain there so it would be

    ssh [email protected]*******

    If you are using a different port obviouslly you will need to specify it.... now dont flame me im sure alot of people already know how to do this....

    This is where the important part is:

    SSH from a PC to your device.... Well I have found out a few details such as the at&t cingular server IP, location, and some important names and emails.... The server main server seems to be in atlanta ga... after you ssh into your PC from the phone look up that Ip in your terminal with the command "whois" and then use that information.... I have tried to access my phone like everyway i know possible but their is a firewall... Im working on this though and hopefully I will find a way to access the phone even if its a work around...

    Im working on this and if anyone finds a work around to actually sshing over 3g to the phone any ideas or suggestions feel free to post....... just dont post that its impossible nothing is impossible dudes!!!!!!!!!!

    I tried using:

    (typed from iphone)
    netcat -L ******

    and then:

    ssh ******@******

    (the port forwarding fails on port 24) so the step below is in vain!!!

    last: (from mobile terminal or on pc terminal shouldnt matter)

    ssh -p 24 [email protected]
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    These are the steps to remotely login to your iphone from any computer via port forwarding...

    1. run this commmand on iphone
    *ssh -p# [email protected] -R (port#):localhost:22

    //run a nmap localhost just to see if the port is open.... do this on the computer you wish to ssh from

    2. run this command on computer
    *ssh -p (the remote port# goes here) [email protected]

    to do scp use this command from remote shell
    scp -P(remote port) (file route) (remote shell and place for file)

    example: scp -P1201 /hacks/3gssh.txt [email protected]:/txt

    2010-03-04 02:29 AM
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    o.o no comments?
    2010-03-09 11:10 PM
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    Wow sounds pretty cool but it's way above my skills.
    (at least ya know smoebody out here's reading ya thread)
    2010-03-10 06:57 AM

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