1. datfk's Avatar
    I have the iPhone 2g, I dont know what I installed, but a month ago I started having these problems. When a person calls me, I can't hear anything, but they can hear the first thing I say ("Hello?") and then they can't hear me at all after that. I have to hang up and me and the caller have to keep calling each other until we both hear each other. I think it might be lockinfo but I'm only 10% sure. Btw it has nothing to do with the bars I have full bars all the time (T-Mobile). At first it happend with only one person now it happens with every caller. Please help? I can't take this anymore.
    2010-02-27 01:32 AM
  2. mofolo's Avatar
    Well if you think its program related, i would suggest Restoring and then jail breaking from a fresh phone..

    It's a pain in the ***, but would you rather have a phone thats working?
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    2010-02-27 09:34 AM
  3. datfk's Avatar
    Please, that really doesn't help if that is your solution for me then I don't need it, almost every problem I had ever had ended up with a person telling me to restore, useless comment... someone help please?
    2010-03-02 03:26 AM