1. number johnny 5's Avatar
    With all the new DVD's coming out with a bonus digital copy download, is there a way to put that digital copy on my iPhone?
    I have searched iTunes for a couple movies and they do not have them in their library. But with all the DVD's I have with digital copy, I would prefer to put them on my phone.
    2010-03-01 04:53 AM
  2. Melech518's Avatar
    Convert them to .mp4...
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    2010-03-01 05:01 AM
  3. soulthoughts's Avatar
    ^ what Melech said. You can use Videora. I know others use different programs but I like Videora for converting.
    2010-03-01 06:22 AM
  4. StealthBravo's Avatar
    yep pretty much the best way
    2010-03-01 06:26 AM
  5. davesnothere11's Avatar
    I use Roxio.
    2010-03-01 06:35 AM
  6. Cer0's Avatar
    A ton of the movies come with iphone/itouch and psp versions of the movies on them. They have an extra disc to use and a code to put in iTunes to regester the copy to you. I have several movies that I have done that way to watch on the go.
    2010-03-02 01:31 AM
  7. number johnny 5's Avatar
    Thanks to all for your help. But I have used DVDecrypter and Videroa. And what comes out in the end that is sent to iTunes is a scrambled mess. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I have tried many different options and nothing seems to work. Is there a guide or a sticky on this somewhere? Maybe I am not putting in the right search criteria?
    2010-03-10 07:28 PM
  8. dhamien's Avatar
    You could try Handbrake. Free conversion tool that also has specific iPhone settings. It does do normal dvds but I'm not sure if it also does digital dvds, but it's worth a shot.
    2010-03-10 07:33 PM
  9. number johnny 5's Avatar
    Coolio! Ill give that a try. Cant hurt. I've tried everything else.
    2010-03-10 08:39 PM
  10. Frostbite's Avatar
    You can rip the movies with Handbrake, which will also convert them, found here HandBrake but personally for conversion software visual hub is the best, however its hard to find a copy seeing as the makers shutdown. Or you can always right click the file in itunes and choose create ipod version
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    2010-03-10 11:36 PM