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    A quick run down.

    I have been running my 3GS on blackra1ned 3.0 since July with ZERO issues. Two nights ago I tried to access the phone and was confronted with "Restore needed. iPhone cannot make or receive calls. Restore from iTunes."

    I tried to restore to various custom firmwares. I even resorted to trying to restore to "virgin" 3.1.3 firmware in the hopes of getting it to work again all to no avail. EVERY restore ended with the mysterious "error 23."

    Apple of course gave me the obligatory F U when I went in for some help so you guys are my last life line.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me try to get this thing working. I don't even care about jailbreak anymore, I just want my phone to run.
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    2010-03-05 12:41 AM
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    Try re-running blackra1n, as silly as it sounds to dive deeper into the mayhem I have found that blackra1n will boot close to any iPhone
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    2010-03-05 03:20 AM
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    I just did and got GeoHot's image and a reboot on the phone twice but it returned me to the same "Restore Needed" screen both times...
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    oh no!!

    my other iphone that broke in november had this problem! i had to get a new one. error 23 is said to be linked with the battery... and my phone wouldnt turn on unless plugged in but still wouldnt completely boot. so i assume that the battery died. i got scammed on ebay buying a new battery so i just bought a new iphone.

    do you have the pineapple logo? is that why apple denied you service?
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    2010-03-05 09:47 PM