1. itzbilly's Avatar
    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with my PHONE app on my iPhone 3gs. It's unlocked, and jailbroken on 3.1.2. When someone calls, I'll see their custom picture and it rings and vibrates and everything. This is when the call is coming through normally.

    The problem thats occurring:
    if I ignore the call, the custom pic stays there and people get a pickup-hangup on their side of the line. This pic and pickup-hangup response sticks around until I decide to look at my phone, hours later and respring my phone to get the phone app working properly again.

    My question: is anyone else experiencing this problem? Often when I notice this, I've already missed many important calls. I do use iblacklist but I think this started happening before I installed it. Please send suggestions and solutions, thanks. I'd prefer not to have to restore since there isn't a way to restore back to 3.1.2 yet.
    2010-03-07 08:58 AM
  2. dhamien's Avatar
    Have you tried removing iblacklist for a day and a see if it still happens?
    2010-03-07 04:40 PM
  3. itzbilly's Avatar
    Tried it before, still the same. If I ignore a call by either pressing the volume buttons or the sleep button, it will leave that picture as if I was getting a call (without ringtone/vibrate). Any other solutions?
    2010-03-07 07:50 PM