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    Hey there,

    So I bought an iPhone 3.1.2, installed iTunes, unbricked it, but didn't have time to plug in my extenal HDD with my music library before I ran out the door on holiday 15min later. I downloaded a bunch of apps, came home, jailbroke it, installed more... Now I've been using my iPhone for a month, have backed-up and then updated my PC OS to Windows 7 and had to reinstall iTunes...

    Is it possible to get music on to my iPhone with iTunes?
    Is it possible to keep my apps and mods and get the music sync'ing?

    Just read all the posts about backing up and so have created a few root directory duplicates on my Win 7 PC just in case (thanks for everyone's recommendation re SSH (WinSCP my favourite, iPhoneBrowser very buggy, DiskAid was somewhere in between but ok).

    I've just installed Chronus but dont know how to use it or if I'm supposed to pay?
    I've installed AptBackup and AppBackup and PkgBackup but since I can't sync with iTunes, I don't think they're going to help me at all, is that right?
    I've backed up/transferred my AppStore apps to iTunes (by right-clicking my iPhone when it shows up in iTunes)
    Is there a way I should proceed or, given that I have a root directory backed up, can I just restore back to 'new' 3.1.2 and not worry?
    Thanks in advance (and sorry for lumping all the questions in at once, I'm a n00b)
    2010-03-08 03:50 PM
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    When I first jailbroke my phone I started downloading apps from cydia to make sure it was working ok. Once I realized it was, I synced it with I tunes and everything that I downloaded previous to that was still there, plus all my old apps from before the jailbreak.

    So you should be able to just hook your phone up to Itunes and sync it. It should keep everything you have on their now plus add what ever you want from Itunes.

    NOTE: Just don't install the 3.1.3 update when it ask you to. Especially if you have a 3G(S).
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    2010-03-08 04:03 PM
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    ^yup, correct.
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    2010-03-08 04:05 PM
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    When I first jailbroke my phone I started downloading apps from cydia ... I synced it with I tunes and everything that I downloaded previous to that was still there, plus all my old apps from before the jailbreak.
    Thanks Captain, so to confirm you had Appstore apps, jailbroke, got Cydia Apps, sync'd OK. but did you used to sync apps and music before jailbreaking? I'm not sure the jailbreaking is the problem; it's having an old and a new library I think...

    When i choose to sync anything new, ie. music (currently not selected) it warns me that my iPhone is still linked to the old PC and iTunes installation:
    The iPhone is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library? An iPhone can be sunced with only one iTunes library at a time. Erasing and syncing replaces the contents of this iPhone with the contents of this iTunes library.
    Are you sure you want to sync applications? All existing applications and their data on the iPhone will be replaced with applications from this iTunes library
    So atm, nothing is synced (outlook, calendars, contacts, apps, ring, music, movies) but I can still right-click my iPhone in iTunes and choose 'backup' or 'transfer purchases' without any warnings of imminent doom. If I toggle what is synced or try to 'Manually manage music and videos (currently deselected)' then... i'm not sure I want to go there...

    Does what you're saying mean that my AppStore apps are already backed-up / transferred and I can sync them without losing my Cydia apps on the iPhone???
    Will choosing to sync music just erase my iPhone's (empty) music library - or everything on the iPhone?

    I'm not touching 3.1.3
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    2010-03-08 04:51 PM
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    Ahh I see what you mean now. Since it is a fresh install of itunes on a new os it is treating it like its another computer. I wonder if you try doing a backup first, since it gives you the option. Then maybe it would allow the sync without the overwrite?

    Edit: I just thought of this, try doing a right click on the iphone device tab in itunes and see if it gives you the option to transfer purchases. If so select it. It should transfer all your apps on your phone to that itunes library.
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    2010-03-08 04:55 PM
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    yep, done the backup and transfer successfully.
    now i want to sync and its telling me it wants to erase...?
    2010-03-08 05:19 PM
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    Sounds like you are going to have to bite the bullet and go through all the reinstalls. So hopefully someone else can shed some light for you on your original question about the restore process of getting back to 3.1.2 safely.

    Good luck!
    2010-03-08 05:27 PM
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    Would this sort of index be what I'm after?

    CDocuments and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
    2010-03-08 06:08 PM