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  1. LuminaryCrush's Avatar
    Jailbroken 3GS (blackra1n) - 3.1.2 - and I have some quirks that make it pretty annoying to use at times.

    1) the home screen clock is stuck at 9:42am, which is either when I jailbroke it or installed Winterboard and the first several apps from Cydia (I installed about 30 and it was somewhere after the first batch of 10 or so I noticed the clock not changing). I've tried a lot of things - including various resets/modes and re-installing Winterboard. Any ideas?

    2) the touchscreen 'locks up' occasionally for annoying lengths of time. However, if I push the 'sleep' button to close/lock the screen and re-enter it it works. This is frustrating when a person can't answer a phone call (as pushing the sleep button to clear the screen at that time will ignore the call). Thoughts?

    3) I have some random crashes - this seems to happen usually when signal is going in and out and a call comes in or I receive email or txt message. The phone UI locks up and eventually the phone reboots... because I'm on a tethered jailbreak I have to go get to a computer with Windows, where I have admin and can run blackra1n again.

    I know, if the fire's too hot, get out of the kitchen. I took the risk with jailbreak of my own accord, but in the past (on my old 1G iPhone) I didn't have such problems...
    2010-03-10 04:11 AM
  2. systdow666's Avatar
    not really helpful as it is funny but isnt the stock image of the 3gs' clock 9:42
    2010-03-10 06:38 AM
  3. Cer0's Avatar
    Did you ever restore from a backup instead of setup as new?
    2010-03-10 06:47 AM