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    To explain, I have a jainbroken (blackra1n 3.1.2) iPhone 2G 8B.

    I do not have any cell phone service on it at all.

    I strictly use it as a WiFi device.

    I have Skype for unlimited outgoing calls, and it works fine on my college WiFi network that used some sort of CISCO Wireless device that limits to TCP 80/443 (obviously HTTP/HTTPS)

    Now I had tried using OpenVPN which works perfectly for some other apps, but seems like the various SIP Programs and they don't seem to like the VPN.

    Now from the Skype forums I read that the iPhone either says "WiFi" or "Not-WiFI", so I hoped the VoipOver3G package would work to trick, but that just caused my SpringBoard to crash and go insane.

    I have the ability to SSH port forward, but attempts to have the iPhone accept a SOCKS proxy globally have been a failure.
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    I figured out a solution for anyone with the same problem.

    Gotta use SSH TCP forwarding tunnel like you normally would and put say 5061:localhost:5061 as a forward.

    Then you have to on the iPhone use socat to convert the UDP to TCP then send it over the wire, then on the server side run socat again to covert the TCP back to UDP, then obviously it will convert where needed.
    2010-03-12 12:43 AM