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    My new recent app has been a very successful hit, however, the forums/site is getting huge amounts of requests, posts and support questions. I only have one moderator, and its really not working out too well.

    I'm looking for users who would like to fill the administrators and moderator positions in and work for me. It will eventually become a paid position for administrators, through expectations are high.

    - Administrators need to do everything a moderator does. Administrators need to hire/fire moderators, make sure the staff is maintained correctly.

    - Moderators need to offer support in forums (Questions, requests, ect). Need to be active.

    The site has been filling up with support questions and requests all day long, I really need people to help me out. I'm looking for people preferably with experience with moderation already, even developers.

    If your interested, and QUALIFIED, please send me a email or a message on the forums. Thank you,


    [email protected]
    2010-03-10 06:06 AM