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    For all the people who keep asking about jailbreaking 3gs with firmware 3.1.3!

    I did a search on this forum for jailbreaking 3gs 3.1.3 and got a thousand hits!

    First search then read then ask! But ask if you still do not understand!

    I feel sure that after you read ALL one thousand hits you will know the answer!

    I am a newbie hear and did a lot of searching and reading here and I have found just about all my answers!

    Its just that everyday its seems the same "I accidently updated my 3gs to 3.1.3 and need to know if there is anyway I can jailbreak my iphone!

    I have a 3gs old boot rom and when I jailbroke it I had read oh so many post here and read all the guides and was still scared to hook my iphone to my computer!

    With the post I read HERE I had everything I needed in place before I hooked my phone to the computer!

    Directions printed in front of me all the files I needed!

    I took one Xanax and a double Crown and Coke and was still nervious!

    I followed the instructions to a T and everything worked just like it was supposed to, perfect!

    I don't want to tell newbies not to ask questions but do a search first!

    The one thing the ole timers states was do not get into a big hurry and do not upgrade to A**les firmware through Itunes other than when jailbreaking and only the way you are instructed!

    Not trying to offend newbies just help as I am still a NEWBIE myself!

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    2010-03-11 12:06 AM
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    Thank you. And yes, if everyone would just use the search function, the forums wouldn't be cluttered with people telling about their accidental upgrade to 3.1.3
    2010-03-11 12:52 PM