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    hello new here and was wondering how to get free movies on the ipod touch, i tried limewire that didnt work and i have a 32gb ipod touch 3g that is jailbroken with blackra1n is there a permanent jail break/blackra1n alternative or unlock and can some one describe jailbreak vs. unlock

    well okay hope i posted in the right place and i would also like cydia recommendations(i don't use or like winter board) thanks i hope some one who knows their stuff looks at this
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    Not really gonna direct you to how to get free movies as piracy is not allowed. But the difference between a jailbreak and an unlock I can somewhat do.

    A jailbreak is the process that allows you to install 3rd party apps on the phone; bypassing Apple's process. Such as Cydia which has plenty of apps that Apple does not normally allow in their store.

    The unlock is what allows users to use the iPhone on a cell provider that is not an official provider of the iPhone. Like how iPhones are only sold for ATT network in the US but users can unlock and go to T-Mobile.

    What are you wanting to get out of your iPhone? There are many, many useful tools in Cydia. Best suggestion is to browse Cydia and see what catches your eye.
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