1. Krazyfool88's Avatar
    My phone isn't responding to being plugged into an outlet and when i plug it into my laptop i get this message.
    Because a USB device was drawing too much power from your computer, one or more of you USB devices have been disabled.

    sooooo, my phone has no power and plugging it in isn't doing anything. anyone have any suggestions?
    2010-03-12 06:00 PM
  2. dantehman1's Avatar
    new cable / wall charger

    if that doesnt fix it you might have to clean the terminals in the phone
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    2010-03-12 06:02 PM
  3. Krazyfool88's Avatar
    i've tried multiple cables and power sources. the phone is completely dead now. anymore suggestions?
    2010-03-12 06:10 PM
  4. Remember God's Avatar
    if its in warranty just take it to apple to be replaced. If they cant turn it on they cant diagnose the problem so they give the benefit of the doubt, it is a straight swap over.
    2010-03-12 10:47 PM
  5. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    I'd would want to know what causes it in the first place. I'd hate to get a new phone and have it happen again. I think the phone is the source of the problem since it shut down the USB. I'd say if not under warranty, start with replacing the phone battery.
    2010-03-12 10:50 PM