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    ok, so i bought a used iphone 2g back in november for $50. i managed to jailbreak and unlock it using blackra1n and was enjoying free calls using the vonage mobile app after buying a $15 goPhone sim card at the ATT store. however, i noticed that the device kept dropping wifi and i suspected that after 2 years, the battery wasn't as "virile" as it had once been. so i talked to a kid at the apple store to find out how to replace the battery. he told me that they don't replace batteries for the iphone 2g but that for 80 bucks they would just give me a new phone. after some reluctance (i didn't want to restore my iphone) i activated (apple won't even look at them if they aren't activated) the phone and took it into the genius who confirmed (does that make ME a genius-lol) my suspicion about the battery. he then checked the serial code and found out that there were 63 days of apple care left on the device. so guess what? i got a "new" (or rather reconditioned) iphone for free! woohoo.
    2010-03-14 08:02 PM
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    2010-03-14 08:04 PM
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    thanks. i have a sprint phone, so i don't plan to keep the att service. if you drop within 3 days, they will even waive the activation fee and since i have my own phone--NO CONTRACT!

    on another note, the new phone will have 3.1.3 most likely. any suggestions (advice, etc.) on downgrading to 3.1.2 for the jb/ul process?
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    2010-03-14 08:33 PM
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    2010-03-14 10:35 PM
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    are 3,1.3 jailbreaks reliable now?

    Ok, i just looked at your link...looks legit. i will give it a try!
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    2010-03-17 07:02 PM
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    it worked great. I've got a tmobile prepaid sim and free (limited) edge--cnn.com and espn.com, basically--but the vonage mobile is the best deal. i'm set with pda phones for a while...
    2010-03-25 05:31 AM
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    Looks like lucks on ur side
    2010-03-25 05:33 AM
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    Is the phone they are giving you a 2g?
    2010-03-25 05:33 AM
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    yes, they just replaced it with the same phone. should I have gotten an upgrade??

    Looks like lucks on ur side
    so it would seem!
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    2010-03-26 04:14 PM
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    T-Mobile has pre-paid? I'mma have to look into that once I get my 2G's screen fixed. I definitely wouldn't use it enough to warrant a contact, so pre-paid T-Mobile would be perfect for it.
    2010-03-27 04:35 AM
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    oh if it was a 2g then u can always jailbreak and unlock
    2010-03-27 04:52 AM