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    Hey I just downloaded a few new /usr/bin for my iphone which include the below:


    and I ran this command from the interface nslookup all
    And the results were astonishing It gave me the dns server I am using which was the OpenDNS server and it gave me my external IP address... So I determine that the cache and cookies in safari need to be deleted im gonna do this and try again.... with the open DNS website and see if maybe it is the cookies.. Im going to delete the cookies manually by using ssh and deleting the content in the /cache directory ....

    Im 100% that the command line is using OpenDNS

    My website is in my profile description join
    2010-04-12 11:43 PM
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    This works awesome man, I'll deff be following your work. Thanks a lot bro, you're great.
    2010-04-13 12:23 AM
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    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: all

    Then grab the ip and run a whois.... test this yourself now this might be because im using the original install and not the one on cydia I am gonna resubmit this to cydia but I need the Iphone SDK because i want to make something worth it...

    very discouraging when you get like 100-200 emails a day and half say that it works and half say it is not working and they get the openssh opps page... and yes you read right literally 100 or 200 a day!
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    2010-04-13 01:18 AM
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    Great work Victis, I'm sure we'll see this running real soon
    2010-04-13 07:40 AM
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    victis opera mini vs DNS tweak... GO

    it works, people are just haters
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    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-04-13 05:59 PM
  6. victis's Avatar
    It is faster not because of DNS but because it compresses the pages... Opera killed Safari and apple will soon remove this from the app store... like always....

    hey btw people please please if you guys want this to be solved faster please please someone please help me get a copy of MacOSx all in one download site because I need it to really really fix this... i have Mac OSx 5.5 but im having major issues with it... im using VMware btw
    2010-04-14 01:27 AM
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    the pirate has all the answers, ask around on irc on an osx86 channel
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-04-14 04:54 AM
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    Ok i want to do this. I have two problems.

    I'm new to iphone

    i have no idea where to start, how to start, or what your original post means. Can someone like me be capable of doing this? is there dummy version of instructions?
    2010-04-14 08:31 AM
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    We are on a god damn proxy
    This explains why the people who say the tweak works usually do not have AT&T as their mobile ISP... Check out this file...

    System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ATT_US.bundle/carrier.plist

    Please comment your opinions below!

    >.< pissed
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    2010-04-17 04:36 PM
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    is there a way around it?
    2010-04-17 06:44 PM
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    working on it... one of my friends tried changing it manually got stuck on the apple logo....
    2010-04-19 06:57 AM
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    hey i need everyones help to continue developing.. im trying to get a free macbook from a website that i can not mention here or they will most likly ban my acct... i need 20 referels all you need to do is join then cancel... PM me i need this to continue developing my macbook died a few weeks back
    2010-04-21 03:40 AM
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    Just uploaded a video to youtube.... look for cupwnd thats my channel
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    2010-04-24 09:56 PM
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    Working on new hack
    2012-05-02 08:20 PM
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    Cool, didn't know something like this existed
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    2012-05-02 08:43 PM
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    Wow bringing back a two year old thread
    2012-05-02 08:48 PM
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    It wasn't me...OP replied
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    2012-05-02 08:51 PM
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    Never said it was you
    2012-05-02 10:17 PM
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    Oh ok
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    2012-05-03 12:19 AM
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