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    i guess im a nerd but this place sucks please remove my account i never want to be associated with this place
    Last edited by dtp5150; 2010-03-19 at 07:49 AM.
    2010-03-19 07:46 AM
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    That has to do with the IRC channel, which comes with a warning. Thread was closed because it spiraled out of control.
    2010-03-19 11:18 AM
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    And i appologised to Effenpig, and if i could remove the image i would
    If I've helped you remember to say
    2010-03-19 11:20 AM
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    You could edit the post so no one can see it. Picture was seen by him but nobody else would see.
    2010-03-19 11:59 AM
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    2010-03-19 12:58 PM