1. kickrz's Avatar
    I have a 3GS and it is locked on the apple logo. I have to restore but HAVE to try and save my contacts. Itunes is new so there are no backups. Is there any other way of getting into the phone and getting that info? Maybe SSH or something?

    Willing to try anything as there are some numbers on there I will never find again.

    2010-03-20 06:06 PM
  2. capt mark's Avatar
    Good luck! I went through the same thing yesterday and ended up restoring and losing everything. There is a program called canihazrecover that is supposed to get you out of a boot loop without info loss but its only for a mac. I got bounced out of Best Buy for trying to use one of the instore macs to try it. Not sure if it works but what have you got to lose. Maybe some of the guys on here can comment if it works or not. Also, just a question my brother asked me after I restored. Is it possible to remove your sim card and place it in another phone to get access to your contacts? I'm not sure but it may be worth a try.
    2010-03-20 06:38 PM
  3. monica_69's Avatar
    ssh to var/mobile/Library/AddressBook and backup AddressBook.sqlitedb

    easy peasy
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    2010-03-20 08:50 PM
  4. kickrz's Avatar
    Tried the SIM card and that did not work. After sitting all day it some how sorted itself out. All good now
    2010-03-21 03:08 AM
  5. L00i3's Avatar
    You do know that iTunes will sync your contacts right? All computers should come with a program that itunes will sync contacts to/from. At least I think they should.

    I have restored probably 20-30 times, and the only info I have ever lost is text messages. But I don't care about those, so..
    2010-03-21 06:15 AM
  6. cpjr's Avatar
    Itunes HAS to have something to sync your contacts to in order to save them, like Outlook for example. So whatever email/contacts client you have on your PC should contain your contacts if you've ever synced.
    2010-03-21 06:20 AM
  7. kickrz's Avatar
    Thanks I have backed up everything now and did sync my contacts to windows address book.

    My issue the other day was because my computer crashed and I had to format it. Itunes was a brand new install and no files were save from before since everything was lost when the pc crashed.

    I now have it backed up on more then one computer and have learned a valuable lesson.

    Thank You again
    2010-03-21 04:30 PM