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    just a couple of days ago, i bought an iphone 2g. i was happy to get it so cheap because the guy had no idea how to restore the thing after copying wrong firmware or whatever he did and sold it for about 50 bucks less than what it probably would usually go for.

    but since the basic functionality of the iphone is very lacking IMO, i of course wanted to install various things (some games, public transportation schedules, a decent music player, extended system settings and so on). but of course in order to do that, i need a lot of groundwork first.

    so i tried setting up openssh/winscp to get e.g. media files to the iphone without using horrible itunes (i want to manage my media files in directories, not have them thrown together all in one gigantic list by some tool).
    well... winscp keeps saying "connection timed out" - 2-3 hours of searching for a solution later, i decide "**** that" and use diskaid via usb instead.

    while installing various things, i discovered how incredibly slow cydia is and read about icy being faster. after having installed that and unsuccessfully trying to install some opera theme for safari ("killall could not be found"), i also read that using both at the same time can lead to problems and that icy has been discontinued - oook... uninstalled that. "nocyfresh" is supposed to make it work faster, so i try to get that... but of course, that is a dangerous app as well. wait, no another version isn't. so i try to get that one. now my wifi-connection suddenly isn't working any more. reboot two times... still nothing.

    well, while i'm offline for now, i try to install two games i've downloaded. with one, it just says "loading" and then it's back to the home screen immediately. with the other, i get some empty background image where i can do nothing. so i get rid of those...

    to summarize: i've spent almost all of my free time the last 2-3 days trying to install various basic tools, yet there are so many conflicts, buggy apps, endless loading times, wifi problems and so on that the only two things i have managed to get running so far are: 1.) "terminal" (to debug the ssh-situation... which i probably won't ever need again) 2.) "sbsettings".

    what the hell? is this the normal routine for an iphone user? multiple days trying to get some apps to run and either ending up with nothing working or maybe an inferior solution?
    2010-03-20 09:20 PM