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    Ok the deal is that i bought a 3g iphone and it still has the warranty. So my first question is if the warranty becomes mine when i purchase it (Note:this is the original Limited warranty) not an optional one. Also, how many water indicators are there on the 16g 3g iphone? I know of exactly 3 of them but i want to make sure that i am not forgetting any. Also, what do they people at apple ask you? i dont want to go there and have no proof of purchase and look like a complete idiot or something. do they open the phone to look for water damage ? or do they just look at it, check the headphone jack and send you off with a new/refurbished one?
    2010-03-21 07:05 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    They pull the serial # for warranty info, doesnt matter who bought it.

    And yeah, they THOROUGHLY check for water damage, if it has it they will find it.
    2010-03-21 07:08 AM
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    oh sorry
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    2010-03-21 07:14 AM
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    Maybe your looking on the wrong forum.

    We DO NOT condone cheating/stealing on this forum. Please take another look over the forum rules.
    2010-03-21 07:17 AM