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    hey guys hope everyones well...i was wondering if u guys cud help me with a lil somethin somethin...
    so someone stole my iphone a long while ago...n i bought another used iphone off ebay with hopes of repairing it (slightly failed...earpiece speaker didnt work after hours n hours of work), but i had to use the phone on speaker for a while until i got a new phone. anyways i had restored my phone n had all my texts back into this clunker iphone, and luckily few days later my dad called me up from bc n said he got a new iphone so he sent it to me n i restored it with my backup but it didn't work, the backup ****** up n was corrupted or something n i don't remember if the case was me being too lazy to make a new backup from the clunker or if i legitimately didnt have time, but either way i just set up a new phone. anyways, my question for you guys is this:
    i recently came across the clunker; is there any way to take the sms.db from my old clunker iphone and the sms.db from my iphone right now and compile them into one sms .db? i have enufffff texts from that phone and i have a **** load from this phone it wud be horrible to lose either batch...if anybody cud help me figure out a way to do this, even if it's a lengthy process itd b amazing. thanks

    oh and also keep in mind the screen on this clunker is broken so i cant see **** or control anything on the screen..any sort of solution wud have to exclude use of the clunker iphone...i already have the sms.db from using diskaid.
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    Why so you want to keep a bunch of messages to and from your friends saying "you're a fag" and "your mom", ?
    Just forget them, move on with your life
    2010-03-21 11:41 AM
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    lool actually no after u turn 12 u stop talking like that...
    2010-03-21 08:05 PM
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    Sorry. I never knew you turned 12.

    Happy Birthday!
    To live, you have to lie
    2010-03-21 08:59 PM
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    lol seems like you have a little bit too much time on your hands. if you're gonna be a ****** bag, go and reply to another thread, one that you can possibly help progress forward.
    2010-03-21 10:13 PM