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    I have a 2g 8gb iphone unlocked and i popped in my tmobile sim card and so far works great. Now is there a way to restore all the settings and stuff back to defaults without taking away the unlocking/jailbreak of the phone?

    Also I have some basic contacts stored on the sim card with just names and phone numbers but i went to contacts list but only my phone number shows the whole list is blank.

    And lastly I have contacts in my office 2007 outlook they are all my customers i have my own computer tech onsite/mobile service bussines and how do I sync those into the iphone like i use to on my tmobile dash phone? Thanks
    2010-03-22 11:43 PM
  2. dantehman1's Avatar
    1st part,,, you can sync with itunes and restore and rejailbreak following any of the buides on this site, reccomended 3.1.2 FW jailbroken and unlocked using Blackra1n

    the secont part go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars scroll to the bottom and hit the big button that says 'import sim contacts'

    and finally point 3, using iTunes to sync your phone just select contacts from Outlook (drop down menu > Outlook) and your golden
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    2010-03-29 01:18 PM