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    I have an iPhone 2g, jail-broken with the 3.1.2 software, and recently I've been having issues with the touchscreen being unresponsive. It acts as if it doesn't work, then it works, I have to tap on things over and over, and today it finally got to where it wouldn't respond at all. I will hard restart or respring it and it will work perfectly for around 1 minute, same amount of time every time. The way it is so consistent and follows a pattern, I think is software related, but I can't figure out how. I've cleaned up some packages in Cydia, but it's still not working. Does anyone have any advise before I restore completely. I really don't want to lose my files and such. Thanks for reading!

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    2010-03-25 10:50 PM
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    Sync,,, then Restore completly, start from fresh and if its still an issue could be the digitizer acting up!
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    2010-03-29 12:04 PM