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    My 8gb 3G iphone was running 3.0 for a long time. So I decided to upgrade it to 3.1.2. The process is painless. I put it in DFU mode, then "restore" it to a 3.1.2 custom firmware. Everything is up and running. However, when I connected it to itunes, its shows 6.58gb as the capacity of the phone. It was 7.08gb before I did all this. How can I get those space back? I didn't backup any of my cydia apps, cause I'd rather install new ones. Should I have deleted them off the phone before I did the upgrade?

    Any help would be appreciated!
    2010-03-25 10:08 PM
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    if u DFU restored then that would have gotten rid of all cydia apps...i would just suggest that u redo the restore and see what happens just in case
    2010-03-25 10:11 PM
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    Will I risk lose another 500MB if I do that? I read that somewhere in Google, and now I'm just nervous doing another restore? Can I use SSH and delete stuff manually? I'm not sure what I need to delete though.
    2010-03-25 10:18 PM
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    The problem is the root partition size of the custom firmware. The "usable space" reported in itunes is what is available in the /private directory (maybe /private/var). The unusable portion is the the partition set up for the operating system which is / (root). The root partition size is set during the creation of the custom firmware. So no matter how many times you restore, if you use the same firmware, the usable space will stay the same.

    If you go into Cydia, and press Manage -> Storage it will show you how big your partitions are. Mine are 750MB for root, and 14.3GB for /private. Still doesn't add up to 16GB, but the whole 1024MB vs 1000MB per GB accounts for the "missing" GB. I think.

    Oh, and BTW, itunes reports my phones capacity as 14.28GB
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    2010-03-26 04:52 AM
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    Cydia reports my partition as 6.6gb for private, and 1g for root. It does add up to 7.6gb, but I will go ahead and do everything over again with a different custom firmware file. I have over 63% free space in the root partition now and most likely I won't need all of that for root in the future. Thanks for the tip.
    2010-03-27 04:34 AM
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    Not a problem. I don't remember the exact number, but I have read where PwnageTool wouldn't successfully build a firmware if the root partition wasn't set big enough. I think it was somewhere around the 650MB or 675MB range or so. That's why I went with 750MB as my default. I personally would rather give up a few megabytes of storage space in exchange for a stable and working jailbroken firmware.
    2010-03-27 04:40 AM
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    Completly wipe it and use Blackra1n to JB that should do the trick
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    2010-03-27 02:16 PM