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    I Accidently discovered this if you use Blackra1n for jailbreak when your iphone is stuck on apple logo screen it will restore springboard and you won't have to restore your iphone and install everything back on to it I've done it at least five times before I discovered this amazing method follow these steps

    1. Powerdown Iphone on stuck boot screen Hold home and power buttons until it shuts off

    2. Put iphone in DFU Mode hold both buttons for 10 seconds release power button and hold home button for 5 more seconds repeat if neccessary sometimes it takes a few times to work

    3. On your computer run blackra1n and when iphone shows screen to connect to itunes (DON'T OPEN ITUNES WHATSOEVER!) Hit make it rain just like the first time you jailbroke it. That Harry Potter dude will show up wait and it will show that goofy circle again like on the pinapple bootscreen don't panic! Goto next step

    4. Powerdown Iphone as in step 1 and when you power back up the bootscreen comes on but guess what you little iphone vibrates and saids welcome back Look now we never have to restore our iphones again FFUUCCKK Itunes use diskaid on computer and ifile on iphone

    This method worked for me a couple times it should definetly work with any 3g maybe 3gs don't have one running 3.1.2 even if you patched it for 3.1.3 like my iphone I promise this works guys I did for me if it doesn't don't give up hope just repeat the steps above I promise it will work everytime as long as you stay calm and have patience. This is the best method I've used and you don't have to use any ssh hex editor to play with your iphone and FUCCCK it up completely don't thank me though Thank Blackra1n for this amazing acomplishment for iphones maybe no one knows about this maybe not even the guy who made the jailbreak program but somehow by total accident it works 100%!
    2010-03-28 06:48 AM
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    Nice find!!
    2010-03-28 08:05 AM