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    Hi guys!

    I'm really getting nervous at the moment because my 3GS is behaving extremely weird. But I'll let it to you to figure out what might be the reason. First of all some information about what I'm running:

    3G S on custom 3.1.2. (from a good 3.1.1.) with old bootloader and SHSH on file
    Jailbroken & Unlocked Tethered via blackweather

    So what has happened was rather easy.

    My signal died once again (it does that occasionally -.-) and didnt regain signal ever since. I switched to flight mode and it wouldnt leave it since then, didnt react to any key pressing or anything else, so I rebooted with the hard reboot method using the two keys for 10sec.

    Soooo... I did a reboot, connected to blackra1n aaaaaaand.... got stuck as the phone rebooted. Geohot remained on my screen, the phone didnt react on any keys but was recognized by the computer and I was able to save my contacts.

    Bad luck I decided, rebooted again (hard reboot), run blackrain again and zaaaaack... same thing.

    Well then, I got my 3.1.2. SHSH stored with cydia so I decided to restore to my good old custom 3.1.2 like I did many times before... aaad oups... the phone obviously doesnt enter restore mode. iTunes shows "preparing phone for restore" for like 10 minutes and then fails on error 1600/1601/1604.

    So if it's not entering restore mode properly - lets try DFU mode. Thought - done and failed me right away.

    Right now the phone in restore mode takes iTunes 10minutes to fail on the 160x errors, in DFU mode it fails right away.

    Well... even if my 3.1.2. SHSH is stored maybe apple went mad and found another way to block that. So I sn0wbreezed a 3.1.3. and tried the same with that one.

    Yet same effect. 160x errors either right away, or after a 10 minut pause on trying to prepare the phone for restore.

    So I am absolutely clueless about what do with the phone so I could restore to one of my custom firmwares and stay on the old bootrom&loader.

    Do you guys have any idea?

    Thanks so much!
    2010-03-29 10:51 PM