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    Am from Malaysia. I have configured my iphone to run the internet. I set "diginet" at cellular data and the mms setting. Thats all. Later, i found out i cant receive sms and receive call if the phone in edge mode. I have to change to 3g. Then it will be ok. Hope u can advice. TQ
    2010-03-30 06:23 AM
  2. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    Not sure exa fly what you are asking?

    Do you have the settings for the carrier you are using?

    Do you use an official carrier or are you unlocked?
    2010-03-30 06:27 AM
  3. Roysmith's Avatar
    Am using a phone that i bought in singapore and am living in malaysia. Do I need to unlock.? The setting is " diginet " under genereal-network-celular data network-celular data and under APN.
    2010-03-30 06:42 AM
  4. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    If your phone works to make calls then you must have an official carrier and you don't need to unlock.

    What is the name of the company that provides your service?
    2010-03-30 06:51 AM
  5. Roysmith's Avatar
    Its called " Digi "
    Yes i can make calls and I only can receive call and sms if i turn to 3G.
    2010-03-30 06:55 AM
  6. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    Do you have a data plan ?

    Also, is there a reason you don't want to have 3g turned on, or am I misunderstanding what you are saying?

    Your only problem is that you aren't getting data, right?
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    2010-03-30 07:26 AM
  7. Roysmith's Avatar
    No.. U got me wrong.. I have a data plan.. Unlimited internet access.
    When i put the settings that provided from the telco, am able to surf the net, but people cannot call me or sms when am on edge. When i turn to 3g, i can receive call or sms but it will turn autmatically to edge due to coverage then i cannot receive calls or sms again.
    Now i have reset the setting, and i can receive calls and sms like normal.. wonder why..? r u clear now..
    2010-03-30 07:39 AM
  8. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    Not I get it

    I've never heard of not being able to call when using edge,
    I wonder if it might have
    something to do with
    the frequencies your carrier uses?
    2010-03-30 07:52 PM
  9. mahgninnuc93's Avatar
    When on Edge 99% of phones cannot use data at the same time a phone call is being made. You have to have 3G on in order to use data, receive MMS, e-mails or anything else while on a call. If you do not have 3G on Edge will not let you call and use any data app at the same time.

    As far as converting to Edge when not in a 3G coverage area, that is a carrier issue that unfortunately will not go away until the coverage area is upgraded to 3G. IT has nothing to do with the settings on your iphone.
    2010-03-30 09:23 PM
  10. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    I didn't realize he was trying to do both at once

    I thought he couldn't make calls on edge
    2010-03-30 09:49 PM