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    To preface the situation, I am not particularly versed in the ways of navigating my jail-broken iPhone, so this could be, and hopefully is, a very easy fix.

    So, just before the 3.1.1 firmware update came out I jail-broke my phone for the first time and it was beautiful and fun and so on. One of many things that I downloaded was a folder system so that I could organize all of my apps on one screen. When the firmware update popped up one day, while charging my phone, I absentmindedly told it to install the update. Instantly I realized my faux pas, but couldn't remedy it because at the time there wasn't a jail break option for this firmware yet.

    After the update ran its course, I checked my phone to see what damage I had caused. All I had left was one screen with five icons, and my basic phone, text, email, and iPod at the bottom. Everything else appeared to have been erased. Aggravated, I attempted to re-download some of my lost apps; after trying a couple, the download would finish, but they wouldn't install. The icon would just disappear after the download finished. This lead me to believe that they were all still on there, but inside the hidden folders that Apple didn't want me to use. (This was confirmed, when later I was playing with the new search feature and it came up with passages out of notes I had written that weren't available because the Note app was gone.)

    Unfortunately inside those folders were useful things like my settings, pictures, camera, and so on. This made it difficult to use the phone, so I decided to just wipe my phone clean and start fresh. This is where the second part of the problem comes in: Every time I either try to restore my phone to its original state or just update it, Itunes tells me that it can't reach the server and that it's not connected to the internet. Now, in every other circumstance it connects to the internet just fine, so I tryed reinstalling itunes a couple of times with no luck. It would just give me the same message.

    Eventually I just decide to live with it, and do for some time, until tonight when I noticed that there was a jail break available for my phone now. I do the deed, anxious to get the thing working again, except now I've got the same problem. I'm not able to download Cydia, or Winterboard, or any of the applications that I had downloaded previously because they're on my phone somewhere, hidden.

    As I said, itunes won't let me restore my phone, and I can't get to the apps I already had, so does anyone know of a remedy for this problem? I'd really appreciate any help you could give.
    2010-03-30 09:11 AM
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    Try downloading the 3.1.2 ipsw and holding shift in iTunes and selecting the file, that should work quite nicely
    If I've helped you remember to say
    2010-03-30 02:09 PM
  3. imsofinite's Avatar
    Worked great. Thank you.
    2010-03-31 02:01 AM