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    I downloaded firware but when i extract files my pc tells me that there is a problem encrypting files. When i go to restore the phone and open the firmware file it is empty? Can someone please help me? I am new at this so a step by step would be great. Thank you guys
    2010-03-30 10:09 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Use Firefox as your browser to download firmware files.
    Some browsers download the firmware as a .zip file, you don't extract it, it is a .ipsw file.
    Try right clicking on the file and change the extension to .ipsw instead of .zip. it may work. Otherwise, use Firefox.
    2010-03-30 11:35 PM
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    OK now i got the phone restored and have blackra1n installed but cant install cydia. I dont have a sim card in the phone. All i have is a Tmobile sim card and the phone isnt unlocked. When i open Blackra1n it says please check your internet connection.(error) It wont connect to wifi for some reason. Any ideas

    Never mind i got it. Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciated.
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    2010-03-31 01:07 AM