1. kickrz's Avatar
    I have a 3G that is missing the Safari icon and youtube. When I search for it, it finds it but there is no actual icon that shows up unless I do a search. I have checked my setting and there are no restrictions set.

    Is there anything I can do besides restoring?
    2010-04-02 02:41 AM
  2. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    Yes, this is a "hidden setting" in the SpringBoard settings file that can be changed if you know how to edit .plist files. The file /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.apple.springboard.plist contains a Boolean key called "SBEnableAppReveal." Set it to false and you should be good to go. If you don't know how to edit plist files, send me a PM and I'll be glad to help later on today.
    2010-04-02 05:41 PM
  3. screamforme02's Avatar
    also try sbsettings and the 'more' option and try to poof un-poof the icon it may come back
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-04-02 07:27 PM
  4. kickrz's Avatar
    Thanks. I got it figured out. I went into BossPref and Poof was there, the 2 icons were marked hidden.
    2010-04-04 06:00 AM
  5. screamforme02's Avatar
    not even a thanks, jeez what am i chop liver
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-04-06 06:47 PM