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  1. xxCARLOSxx's Avatar
    So not that long ago, my iphone started to give me problems connecting to the computer. It completely stopped working a few days ago and i've tried many things to fix it. It is jailbroken, so i thought that the software might have gotten messed up. i restored it with no success... i was lucky enough that it worked if i held it at a certain angle to connect it long enough to restore all my stuff back to normal. Then I ordered the connector piece from ebay, thinking it was a hardware problem. I changed it and it still didn't work... The weird thing is that the iphone charges perfectly when docked or plugged into the wall, it shows the lightning bolt symbol and everything. I have tried it on different computers and with different cables, so it has to be the phone. I'm getting really annoyed with this, any suggestions to solve my problem? Anything??? plz!
    2010-04-04 07:04 AM
  2. xxCARLOSxx's Avatar
    anything plz? its really annoying!
    2010-04-06 03:07 AM
  3. armofreek's Avatar
    same problem here, stopped connecting to any computer i tried, with any cable. Swapped the usb connector inside the phone, but still getting the same exact problem.

    2010-12-17 04:55 AM
  4. Tazz229's Avatar
    Sounds like it may have to go back to apple.
    2010-12-17 06:37 AM
  5. armofreek's Avatar
    It could be a software issue. I just connected to my phone via SSH and am going to try to reload the iphones firmware and files to see if this will fix the problem. I'll post results
    2010-12-20 01:06 AM
  6. wafflemann885's Avatar
    i am having the same problem, but it works on my bros computer. but we have the same computer and it will work on his but not mine
    2010-12-26 05:41 AM
  7. snake_eyes's Avatar
    try deleteing the drivers for your iphone, (not itunes),

    try connecting it to your PC, then going to device manager and looking for the iphone,

    also i dont know if im allowed to post links on this forum and i dont want to annoy anyone so i searched 'delete iphone drivers' in google and the second link should help you.
    2010-12-26 07:02 AM
  8. thetempguy's Avatar
    Having the same problem.... except i'm on a mac. the phone doesn't connect at all
    plus i tried resetting the phone like was suggested on another board and now it's stuck on "connect to iTunes"
    I've tried everything i could find and i'm at a loss as to what i can do. I even ordered a replacement dock connector part for it... before i read this thread.

    P.S. it's out of warranty so taking it to apple is not an option.
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    2011-07-14 03:45 AM