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  1. ldyzluvdis06's Avatar
    last night i went to unlock my 16gb jailbroken 3GS and it freezes. i tried to do a hard reset by holding both the home and power button. it turned off.

    now when i try to turn it back on it never goes past the apple logo screen. i tried plugging it in to itunes but it wont recognize i have it since it wont fully power on...

    what do i do?
    2010-04-04 06:44 PM
  2. MinimusMaximus's Avatar
    Just a crazy suggestion but have you tried cleaning the terminals on the docking port?

    My phone got into this weird reboot loop a while back, wouldnt stay in sleep mode for more than a minute, would then wake up on it's own. If I tried to shut the phone down it would restart by itself.

    I cleaned the terminals really good using this stuff called DeoxIT. Phone works like normal now. I suppose alcohol would work too but DeoxIT is electronics specific.

    Just a suggestion...
    2010-04-04 09:42 PM
  3. alek2407's Avatar
    you have the white apple of death

    To restore go into DFU mode (google the instruction) and restore with itunes. (this will upgrade you to a unjailbreakable 3.1.3) if that fails, to the apple store (they might not fix it if they detect jailbreak, but they probably won't so it's worth a shot)

    before you go on, wait for at least one person to like backup my post as this happened to me last time a few months ago and maybe there have been developments.
    2010-04-05 09:51 AM