1. eclectic taste's Avatar
    I have a 3GS 3.1.2 which I jailbroke a while back, and everything worked fine. I recently got snagged by the Rock bug which filled my phone's memory, but I SSH'd and deleted the rock log and it went back to working. BUT, now, if I download an app from apptrackr using my iPhone, when I try to sync to iTunes the app gets deleted. Using apptrackr on my PC then double-clicking gets it added to iTunes & then it syncs just fine.

    I've deleted and re-installed appsync 3.1 but it doesn't help. Any ideas?
    2010-04-06 12:28 AM
  2. redcard's Avatar
    I've got a few ideas.

    Go ask mommy for more allowance, or go get a job cleaning the crappy floors in KFC, then you'll be able to afford your own apps.

    Or put your Iphone on ebay if you can't afford to run it. Get a Razr.
    To live, you have to lie
    2010-04-06 12:32 AM
  3. lfc_'s Avatar
    well.. i know the problem and its very simple.. but i dont wanna help a pirate
    2010-04-06 04:18 PM