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    My friend who shall remain nameless has had a 3G 16gb 3.1.2 iPhone for over a year now and jailbroke it about 6 months ago with blackra1n. Everything was great with no issues whatsoever. Then one day, screen froze so I reset it and it went to spinning wheel of death boot cycle. I have read about this happening to a lot of people who maybe just downloaded a new app that might have caused issues with the springboard. I have NOT however installed any apps from the Apple app store, cydia, or any other 3rd party supplier for some time now. I wasn't even running an app other than the native weather. Now when plugged in to my PC neither iFunBox or itunes will detect it. I know and have tried entering into recovery mode but am not looking to do a system restore except as a last possible resort. I have a heavily modified springboard with personalized icons and categories not to mention all the contacts and what not. After jailbreaking i was unable to back up with itunes so I really dont want to go back to that state of iPhone. Is there any way it could just work itself out or is the boot cycle truly endless? It sounds like most people impatiently freak out and restore. I had winterboard but several months ago imported my particular themes via ifunbox and just overwrote the originals (with backups of course). Is there any other way to break the cycle without a restore? My friend is almost at tears right now. Also Icy and Rock are not installed. Please and thank you
    2010-04-08 04:49 AM