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    i was looking for a way to disable swiping, or at least get rid of spotlight, i found a this bit code within the springboard app:

    _gestureRecognizer @"SBAwaySwipeGestureRecognizer"

    Now that to me looks like if i deleted that bit swiping would no longer work on the springboard. I wish to test this on my iphone to see if it works and whether or not apps are affected etc.

    But I do not know if my phone will just become a brick. I'd rather not need to restore, let alone be left with a paper weight...

    So im just curious if there would be any adverse affects if i tried this out. Also if it doesn't work in the way i want it to i can just ssh back in and replace the code.

    anyone have the faintest?
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    2010-04-12 01:59 AM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    try it
    2010-04-12 02:26 AM
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    right no luck with this. I tried it but i just get left with the spinning dashes. Fortunately I could revert it back as the ssh connection remains.

    From what i can tell, the springboard loads up the objects and if it cannot find one it just keeps looking indefinitely. I was thinking maybe someone could find the bit of code that is linked with _gesture recognizer and make a dummy version for the springboard. Im not sure if this would work though as applications may need to access this bit of code aswell.

    Either way this is for someone else to do. Im on windows and would have no idea where to start...
    2010-04-12 12:37 PM