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    I have used iphone tunnel suite several time sin the past and never had any issues. I'm running windows 7 and have iphone 3g with 3.1.2 with 4.28 BB jailbroken and stuff...Well I noticed about month ago I wasnt able to ping my iphone from laptop and wasnt able to ping laptop from iphone. on laptop it says destination host unreACHABLE and on iphone it just times out. everything is on the same network no issues there. Well seeing I cant get anyhting to communicate (also all firewalls are disabled and ports are opened ion router)I am unable to access my winscp or the iphone tunnel suite no matter what version.

    I was woundering if anyone had any ideas they can give me ? Also if anyone has winblows 7 and has used winscp or ipts 2.0-3.0 and has had luck connecting ? seeing I cant get iphbone or laptop to communicate with each other I am not able to access my iphones file system, its driving me insane. I'm a computer tech so I'm not iggnorant to it but I cant think of what could be causing this issue.

    I was hoping someone can help me think of something I forgot or maybe send me in right direction..Any help is greatly appreciated..Thanks in advance for anything...
    2010-04-16 09:45 PM