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    I have a hotmail (POP3) account and noticed the directory /private/var/mobile/Library/Mail/[email protected]/INBOX.mbox/Messages constantly grows and contains the xxx.emlx messages even after deleted. This can be verified with the / Account / Inbox.

    With a lot of investigation, I noted the Deleted Messages.mbox/Message folder gets a copy (with a new xxx.emlx) of the INBOX message --- the original remains in the INBOX.

    Deleting the contents of the Trash folder removes xxx.emlx from the Deleted Messages.mbox folder -- but NOT the original xxx.emlx in the INBOX.mbox folder --- and of course it still does not show in the Mail App Inbox.

    QUESTION: Why isn't the real INBOX message deleted? I've been testing this for a week or so, the original INBOX xxx.emlx continue to build up and never go away.

    NOTE: The same thing happens with the SEND.mbox folder.

    NOTE1: I have changed the Settings/Mail/Advanced settings to no avail. The changes (like remove immediately (or keep forever0 work as expected on the server.

    NOTE2: I started testing/checking this after noticing my Mail folder had grown to 350M. A lot of the junk was on IMAP mail servers and was easily cleaned, but the POP3 (Hotmail) accounts are not behaving.

    NOTE3: I deleted ALL POP accounts and recreated from scratch and made sure their Mail/POP-xxxxx account folders were also deleted. Then created two new accounts, started the test by sending a message from one hotmail account to the another account.

    NOTE4: This has nothing to do with sync'ing w/iTunes or keeping mail on the server or anything external to the iPhone. All my tests (and issues) are 100% localized to the iPhone.

    Anybody care to take a jab at this one? Or is this far too complex for MMI?
    2010-04-18 03:25 AM
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    Nothing is far to complex for mmi
    2010-04-18 04:38 AM
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    Nothing is far to complex for mmi
    Yea right!! I was hoping to get an intelligent reply.
    2010-04-18 04:44 AM
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    2010-04-18 04:47 AM
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    Update (solution): The only way to truly clean out a mail folder on the iPhone (3.1.2) is to delete all the accounts, delete the complete Mail folder (messages, directories, everything) in /private/var/mobile/Library/, reboot (important!), re-enter the email accounts, and allow everything to download again. (I went from around 350M to 35M). How does this happen? For Hotmail (POP) accounts I'm not 100% sure, but for Google/Yahoo (IMAP) accounts it will happen when folders are renamed. The original folder (on the iPhone remains) and depending upon the email size, either a new directory structure is created or the small messages are added to the Envelope Index file .... and since the original folder remains, this results in having duplicate messages. With a lot of pictures, this adds up fast. The prior folder is not even available from the mail app. In my case I monitor multiple email accounts so it was easy to find problems.

    If you're planning on experimenting, these are the two key areas:
    /private/var/mobile/Library/Mail folder contains all your messages in multiple folders and files
    /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ contains your email accounts
    ----- Note: Save & restore this one to eliminate re-entering email accounts from Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar ------

    Be sure to make back-ups of everything, just in case.
    Note: Your messages will be re-downloaded as long as they are on the server. Remember, if messages are NOT on the server account, they can not be downloaded. Check first!! In this case ---- stay away. There are ways to re-import these 'raw and non-indexed' messages into Mail but the process is tedious and many people experience errors. Also, there are few tools available for the iPhone. It was easy in my case as everything was either on the email server or stored within my Outlook account.

    Good luck.
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    2010-04-18 04:48 AM