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    i have a 16g iphone 3g. jailbroken n unlocked. been so for a long time. today i tried to take some pix and for some reason, using the stock, and all other cameras, after i take a pic, it doesnt show up in my photos. it doesnt show up, ANYWHERE. now i took pix a week ago, and all was fine, but now i cant take any pix. i push the button, and it makes that noise when you take the pic, but nothing shows up at all. the number doesnt rise in photos after i take the pix so its not getting to the photos for some reason.
    aly one else had that problem, or anyone know what the problem is????

    help plz


    plz someone help
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    Try this, it's a longshot but may work. It's almost as if the camera doesn't have permission to write to the photo db. In sbsettings, click the 'more' button, click 'extras and options' and click 'Fix User Dir Permissions.

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