1. relicwqa's Avatar
    hi people is there a way i can pull out all the photos that i have on the iphone "not" the ones on "camararoll" because i had to format my PC and lost all my pics
    is there a app or something i can download for my pc or can ituns pull the pics out???? can some one help i had over 3,000 photo of me and my wife.
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    2010-04-22 02:33 AM
  2. iGarza's Avatar
    try this:

    Windows XP: to copy photos off your iPhone don't email them they will be resized down. Use the scanner and camera wizard!

    Start>Control Panels>Scanner and Camera Wizard

    It will recognize your phone when it's connected and lead you through a simple wizard which will quickly and easily copy your photos in full resolution.
    2010-04-22 02:39 AM
  3. relicwqa's Avatar
    Ok thank u I will try that let's see if windows 7 still has that? But will that copy all the photos that on my iPhone I don't need the ones in my camarroll I can copy that.

    It does not work can some one help

    am on FM 3.1.2 3G / windows 7 / can someoene help "i dont need the photos from the camera roll" i need to get the photos that i sync because i had to reformat my PC and lost everything!!!! can some one help if there a EZ way i try emaiing it to myselfbut it will take forever i have over 3,000 photos

    Well thank you for trying I found a fix download touchcopy for a torrent site and it work good !!!!
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    2010-04-23 05:12 AM
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