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    i tried to update my ipod 2g to 4.0, and it got stuck on the recovery logo, i started reading and then found out my device had to be registered. Now it wont let me downgrade and im kind of dead in the water... So im kindly asking, is there a developer out there that could spare me one of their 4.0 spots? i would be greatly appreciative. i have no credit card so im kind of helpless. please help me out!
    My Apple Products:
    iPhone 3GS (4.0 J/B)
    iPhone 4 (5.0 J/B)
    iPhone 4S (5.0 J/B)
    2010-04-22 11:05 PM
  2. ForumSnoBorderRK's Avatar
    its likely that you wont get anywhere without donating to a developer through paypal.
    you may be able to downgrade if you put your iPod into DFU mode (google it).

    in fact, google "downgrade iphone from 4.0 to 3.1.3" ive seen a few articles written on how this can be done. ive already done it myself once so its not that bad, i did it just for kicks to see if it was possible-- and it surely is.

    good luck. 4.0 is not even fully usable right now so there isnt any point to upgrade just yet. if you want to get into the betas, id wait at least another beta are two before jumping in.
    if you can, please [thank] me if i helped you or you liked what i said! :]
    2010-04-22 11:49 PM
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    An Ipod touch, 2 Iphones, and you don't have a debit / credit card or Paypal account?

    To live, you have to lie
    2010-04-22 11:52 PM
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    ya go to bst section people are selling it there
    thread closed
    2010-04-23 12:10 AM