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    I've searched around and found some things that were close but not exactly what's happening here, unless I was just blind and totally missed it.

    Anyway. Issue #1.

    My phone is jailbroken 3.12. Randomly the middle part of my phone's touchscreen will stop working. I found search results where parts were dead but dead for good. In my case I can respring and I'm perfectly back to normal. Coincidentally, the space that is knocked out is the space taken up when you hit the volume up/down key. That block that appears, is about the space that gets knocked out of commission randomly until I respring. Could this be related to BiteSMS?

    Issue #2.
    Recently my audio has been switching to the earpiece instead of the speaker. If I plug the headset in and unplug it will make the audio transfer to the speaker but then when I play something it sounds like quality you would hear back in the audio streaming dial up days. Muffled and crappy. Again, if I respring, it's fixed.

    So in the end, a respring is curing everything but does anyone know why I'm having to do this? Any help is appreciated as always! Thanks!
    2010-04-23 06:33 PM