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  1. Sn1p3s's Avatar
    Appologies for putting this in the general thread but unsure where to ask.

    since upping to 3.1.3 my iBluetooth just plainly refuses to work.
    Before it was a little buggy granted but now it's gone to hell. My bluetooth icon stays grey (not white) and it wont send anything. Is there a reccomended alternative out there or is any1 els having problems with it?

    btw, reinstalling/restarting/reJB dont work either, already tried it.
    Any info would be great and much appreciated.
    Programming is an art form that fights back.
    2010-04-26 01:57 PM
  2. dhamien's Avatar
    For firmware 3.x+ you should be using iBlueNova. It's from the same guy, just made to work on the newer firmware.
    2010-04-26 06:35 PM