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    Ok i think i have this right but my knowlege for these things are definatley not at noob level yet more like (noo?clue?),

    Anyway i read how to configure the etter.conf file on linux so it un-remarks the redirect the ip-tables, I tried doing this on the iphone but it said fatal errors about needing redirec for firewall? so i changed it back, when looking from the command line it doesn't give me my password when i sniff my own laptop only gives me either the server ip or the url, but when i do it from lap-top to iphone and arp the phone i get passwords and everything, i have googled round for a bit but i carn't find out how to do it, i've tried unmarking (UID = 0) but i think that's just for root privelages. help would be grateful or even a point in the corrct way is all i'm after i don't expect to be spoon-fed but i would'nt complain ....thanx..... IF I'VE NOT EXPLAINED MYSELF CORRECTLY THEN JUST SAY AND I WILL EXPLAIN IN MORE DETAIL.
    2010-05-03 08:31 AM