1. Hitone's Avatar
    Only thing I've noticed since the updates is I now have 40+ GSC apps showing up in PkgBackup that have mysteriously appeared.
    2010-05-04 10:49 AM
  2. steveathome's Avatar
    I updated today but have lost being able to buy through Appsidy. Says that in Cydia update is preventing Appsidy from identifying device. A fix in next 24 hours. Iphone working ok otherwise.
    2010-05-04 11:03 AM
  3. dhamien's Avatar
    Also updated without issues. 3.1.2 3GS by pwnagetool without unlocking. No Rock installed. No Appsidy installed.
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    2010-05-04 05:11 PM
  4. ChuckZ's Avatar
    My problem since the update is with the "Changes" button in the bottombar. Whenever i tap it Cydia freezes, every thing else works fine (SBSettings drops fine, QuickDo apears with no lag)....it's like it's taking longer to load that page, wich never happend before....and it allways happedns when I first tap it, after it loads the whole list everything works fine. And the other buttons from the bar all work fine, not showing any lag or delay. It's kinda stressfull!!!! Hope a new update comes soon!
    2010-05-04 06:07 PM
  5. willeyeam's Avatar
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    2010-05-04 07:07 PM
  6. stfudvs's Avatar
    3g 3.1.2

    also freezes on tapping 'changes' as well as undocked icon lables turned grey. no rock.
    2010-05-05 04:02 AM
  7. chAz15's Avatar
    I also can report APPSIDY doesn't find my phone.
    Otherwise, no issues.
    2010-05-05 04:00 PM
  8. Tower72's Avatar
    I got hit with this a few days ago and had to restore to get my phone to even power up for more then 3 seconds..I was sooo ticked since I was still on 3.1.2 but Spirit was released the same day so :P. I updated thru Rock tho..not cydia but I guess it was there also lol
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    2010-05-05 09:14 PM
  9. stfudvs's Avatar
    is there a fix for the grey undocked icon labbles, its very annoying? like i said before i had this issue and i dont have rock and i dont have winterboard
    2010-05-16 06:00 AM
  10. screamforme02's Avatar
    Yeh my phone is fine afterthat update. Well as good as it's always been I really need a restore and a clean slate
    2010-05-20 05:51 AM
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