1. tigabalm's Avatar
    So got a new iPhone 3gs a couple months ago, was running 3.1.3 and I don't remember which baseband/bootloader. Jailbroke a few days ago (using spirit). While messing around with iconoclasm it started acting really weird and laggy/frozen. So I forced shut down and have been stuck at the apple logo.

    The strange thing is after about a minute of the apple logo, the spinning wheel will show up and then after about a minute of that it will shut down and restart the whole process.

    Now my issue is that I can't do a restore right now because I am at work and the phone is synced to my home computer. The other thing is I have some files I would like to pull off the phone that aren't included in the last backup.

    I am wondering if there is a way to disk mode/SSH into my iPhone in its current state?

    I'd appreciate any help guys

    2010-05-06 07:31 AM
  2. hellzblade's Avatar
    i actually recently ran into a similar problem as you. my phone got stuck in a boot loop and i had to restore but i did manage to pull most of my data off of it between its restores through iPhone browser, there were some files i wasn't able to transfer over (errors about the name to long and a short attention span caused me to give up on them) but i imagine if you did leave ssh on you could be able to get most of your data off as long as its booting far enough in to allow access to them.

    I'm not the best knowledge on this though and there may be a better way about it i didn't find that one of the more experienced guys here can tell you about but I wish you the best of luck.
    2010-05-06 08:23 AM