1. lsutigerfan1976's Avatar
    I just got a 3gs this past year. I think ATT said i could not sign a new contract in June. I dont mine paying full price for the new Iphone since I can sell the 3gs to put towards the new one. If I remember correctly, Apple and ATT would not let anyone pay the no commitment price. You had to be eligible to sign a new contract, or open a new line to get the discounted price. Eventually they eased up on that, then made an announcement that everyone could pay full price if they wanted to, for the Iphone
    3gs. I would be very upset if i waited all this time till June, only to find out I could not pay no commitment price for the new phone. Especially since I already have five lines, and none are eligible for an upgrade. Does anyone know any info. on this?
    2010-05-07 01:43 AM