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    Hey guys... right now my IPhone doesnt load up.. when i turn it on, it shows the snowbreeze logo (i have that instead of apple.. got that when i jailbroke it long time ago) and it just turns off.. nothing else happens..What Happened was I had just installed this lock info HTC Clock plug-in FROM ROCK and then respringed and went to see it on the lock screen. but everything froze and so I did reset (holding hold + Home key) and after that this has been happening.. this is a iPhone 3G with 3.1.3 unlocked and jailbroken. I'm really scared don't know what to do. I even tried plugging it with the computer and it does the samething .. PLEASE HELP IM FREAKING OUT.. now it seems like maybe ROCK cudv caused this as i'm finding out stuff on net. cause i did update rock today and had not restarted until now. Also I am able to get into DFU mode. But I have never been through this so I really don't know what to do in DFU mode.. another thing i want to let u know is that I had unlocked the phone using snowbreze by creating a custom firmware.. i don't know how to use restore function because i never used it before. I want to restore my iPhone in a way so i can later on unlock it. Currently there is no unlock for 3.1.3 if the baseband is updated. Previously i had unlocked 3.1.3 creating custom IPSW. but i dont have that file anymore. So what should i do? please help asap.. can i just download 3.1.2 restore IPSW and restore it like that.. would that be a problem by any chance since i was on 3.1.3?? i dont care about loosing my data. i just want the iphone back running and there is unlock and jailbreak for 3.1.2..

    okay so from DFU mode, i did shift + restore to 3.1.2. and my phone is back up however, im stuck on lock screen cause i lost my unlock and jailbreak i guess.. So i'm not sure what to do from here.. please guide me to the right direction

    nvm i fixed everything.
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